One of the main goals of the project is the development and operation of training programs. The training program consists of three packages. Two of these are focusing on the development of the employees of the local government and its institutions and the representatives of the project partners. The special training programs ensured for them can enhance the standards of public services. The third training package consists of handycraft trainings and additional vocational subjects.

One horizontal objective of the project is to ensure equal opportunities for women in the project. Accordingly within the training programs female instructors were called upon to hold the courses.

Strengthening institutional capacity, developing human resources and training

The strengthening of institutional capacity, the development of human resources and training were offered for the employees of the local government and its institutions and for the representatives of the project partners. The aim of the training are the more effective and professional realization of the developments of the local government and civil associations and developing the professional and financial management of the organizations.

developing human resources Hajdú Folk Handicraft and Training Centre

Within the framework of the project four training will be realized:

The number of trainees per course is at least 12, but maximally 20. The courses will be held at the Mayor’s Office of Hajdúböszörmény between 15. November, 2016 and 16. March, 2017, twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) during the office hours (from 8:00 to 10:00 am). One lesson per course will be held during a week, its duration is 50 minutes. During the training altogether 60 lessons will be realized with four study visit (to the locations of projects funded by the EU). At the end of the courses students will take final exams.