One of the main goals of the project is the development and operation of training programs. The training program consists of three packages. Two of these are focusing on the development of the employees of the local government and its institutions and the representatives of the project partners. The special training programs ensured for them can enhance the standards of public services. The third training package consists of handycraft trainings and additional vocational subjects.

One horizontal objective of the project is to ensure equal opportunities for women in the project. Accordingly within the training programs female instructors were called upon to hold the courses.

Handicraft trainings

The objectives of the third training package are to organize practice oriented handicraft trainings in order to preserve traditional folk crafts and to involve young ones into these activities and to promote entrepreneurship of these young craftsmen. The long-term and indirect objectives of the project are the training, motivation and strengthening of local handicraft entrepreneurs, and support of self-employment, observing the population and developing the tourism.

Craftsman training Hajdú Folk Handicraft and Training Centre

The handicraft courses will be announced regarding the below 6 areas:

The implementation of the handicraft trainings will be realized by teaching theoretical and practical courses. The compulsory theoretical courses („A”) will be realized collectively for the students of the different areas on Friday afternoons, while the vocation specific courses („B” professional theory and practice) on Saturday. Besides the theoretical and practical courses in line with the overall objectives of the project we would like to ensure the number of the applicants by offering optional courses for them in order to acquire additional and useful knowledge and expanding their horizon. For the training 18 years old persons with medium level qualifications may apply.

"A" - Compulsory theoretical courses (6):

"B" - Compulsory professional courses (6):

The works completed during the training will be presented in the Hajdú Folk Handicraft and Training Centre during the closing conference of the project.

"C" - Optional courses (14):

The optional courses will be realized by distance learning, individual learning, individually solving issues (course closing essay, preparing exam work) and by organizing two regional (Hajdú-Bihar County) field trip of factory visit.